The reason why Apgujeong Box Girl suddenly cancels her sold-out expensive fan meeting

The Apgujeong Box Girl, who had announced a fan meeting with a participation fee of 650,000 won, suddenly canceled the fan meeting

On Oct 26th, Ah-in, the Apgujeong Box Girl, posted a lengthy message through her Instagram, stating, “I would like to inform you that Apgujeong Angel Box Ah-in’s fan meeting has been canceled.

The Apgujeong Box Girl had planned several events, including inviting a professional hotel chef to serve a steak course worth 250,000 won per person, wine and unlimited beer worth 150,000 won, and Angel Box Girl’s merchandise as gifts. However, she explained, “Due to the pressure from the police, I have decided to cancel the fan meeting, as it caused me too much stress.” She added, “I refunded all 30 fans who applied at around 9 PM on Oct 26th, and contacted each one to apologize.

The Apgujeong Box Girl

Previously, the Apgujeong Box Girl had opened registration for a fan meeting scheduled for Oct 28th from 5 PM to 10 PM in a building in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, with a participation fee of 650,000 won for the first 30 people.

She, along with two men who were assisting in her performance, is under police investigation on charges of violating the law on performance, and her fan meeting announcement was met with public criticism. However, it became a hot issue, and despite the high participation fee, the fan meeting was sold out in no time. Additionally, the number of people who applied but could not attend the fan meeting reached 79.

The Apgujeong Box Girl also explained the somewhat high cost of the fan meeting. She shared, “The cost per person who attends is roughly over 500,000 won. Considering the chef, MC, rental costs and other preparations, it was a fan meeting that resulted in a financial loss. There are many negative comments, but I accept hate comments with gratitude.

She expressed regret about not being able to proceed with the planned fan meeting and thanked her supportive fans.

Source: Insight

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