The reason this actress started using her real name for acting activities right before the filming of “The Glory”

Actress Son Ji Na explained why she changed her activity name from Yoon Da Kyung to her real name.

As “The Glory” is still a hot topic, viewers and netizens also pay attention to the supporting actors. Son Ji Na, who played Park Yeon Jin’s mother Hong Young Ae, was recently mentioned.


Son Ji Na has been in various works since her debut on the theater stage in 1999 under the stage name Yoon Da Kyung. Starting with “The Glory”, the actress began to use her real name ‘Son Ji Na’ given by her parents to promote her activities. 

When asked about the reason she changed her activity name, Son Ji Na confessed, “My mother passed away when I was filming the drama. After Part 1 was released, my father also went to heaven”. She added, “I’m grateful that my father was able to watch it before he passed away. ‘The Glory’ is a work that I will never forget”


In fact, Son Ji Na had already performed mother and daughter relationship with Lim Ji Yeon once in the movie “Obsessed” before the two reunited in “The Glory”.

Regarding her character Hong Young Ae, the actress said, “I focused on Hong Young Ae’s deep fear of leaving any flaws in her life. I also emphasized the hot and cold sides of this character.” Son Ji Na also mentioned that her most memorable scene in “The Glory” was the ending scene where Hong Young Ae turns away from her daughter Park Yeon Jin in prison.


She also revealed, “During the time I spent as Hong Young Ae, my whole body was in pain. Hating and harming someone so much makes you push yourself into suffering, and I felt that through this character. I learned a lot about the dignity of life and the value of love, and I will cherish them in my heart”, expressing her feelings about playing Hong Young Ae


Thinking of her parents, Son Ji na decided to change her stage name to her real name, which she believes is more beautiful. Viewres are also looking forward to seeing more great performances from Son Ji Na in the future.

Source: Daum

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