The photo taken by a Ukrainian girl in front of the subway ads for BTS J-Hope is drawing deep sympathy from netizens

The peaceful life in Ukraine was destroyed in an instant because of Russia’s invasion.

Ukrainian civilians are trembling with fear as bombs keep on falling down all over the places, including villages, hospitals, and kindergartens.

Amidst the confusion, the post by a Ukrainian girl, who evacuated to a subway station now serving as an air-raid shelter, is drawing attention as it conveyed her deep regret and sadness.

On February 25th, (local time), a photo showing the situation in Ukraine was posted on the Twitter account “btsukrprojects”.

The released photo was taken at a subway station in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

It shows a billboard that was put on in celebration of BTS J-Hope’s birthday. 

The Ukraine girl said, “A few weeks ago, we took photos and laughed there. But now, we’re crying”, revealing the current situation in Ukraine.

She added, “We can’t believe something like this (war) is happening in Ukraine. This war is a nightmare”

Internet users who saw this picture sent back supportive messages and responded, “What’s even more heartbreaking is that the name on the billboard is ‘hope’ (J-Hope)”.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian people, who have been confused by the Russian bombing that began in the early morning of February 24th, are currently evacuated to subway stations.

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