The past story of Lee Se-young being bullied at school is brought up, “A friend opened an anti-cafe for me in the past ”

As Lee Se-young has been greatly loved for playing Sung Deok-im in MBC’s drama “The Red Sleeve”, the story of her being bullied during her school days is being re-examined.

Lee Se-young appeared on a broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star” in the past and confessed that she was treated as an outcast in the first year of middle school.

She expressed her disappointment, saying, “I only found out about this through a phone call with my friend. A close friend used to bully me”, adding, “This best friend created an anti-cafe (anti page). I reconciled with them afterward, but that friend actually didn’t like me. Maybe receiving compliments for studying hard at school is not a good thing at all.”

Lee Se-young being bullied at school

Lee Se-young continued to share, saying, “When the teacher complimented students who are child actors and pointed out other students’ mistakes, it would rather create hatred in between the students’ friendship. If I had been more careful, I could have become closer to my friends”, adding, “I didn’t like my friends to pretend to treat me nicely, so I intentionally ate a lot and played many weird jokes.”

In response, netizens left various responses, such as, “Lee Se-young is doing so well now, her friend might feel regret”, “I didn’t know she has a story like that during school days”, “Why did they bully her?”, “I’m glad that she has grown up so well”, “Lee Se-young was really beautiful when she was active as a child actress”.

Lee Se-young being bullied at school

Lee Se-young used to be a child actress. She has recently received huge love after playing the role of Sung Deok-im in MBC’s drama “The Red Sleeve”.

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