The “paradox” of (G)I-DLE’s new song: The vocalist’s singing time is only 1/5 of the main dancer’s?

“HANN (Alone)” is considered a good song but its line distribution gave K-pop fans a question.

On August 14th, (G)I-DLE officially made a comeback with the song named “HANN (Alone)”, which was written by the leader of the group, Soyeon. After almost 1 day of its release, the song topped Bugs site in Korea and iTunes charts in 12 countries.

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Thanks to its unique vibe established by the group’s leader, (G)I-DLE’s new song has been favored by K-pop fans. However, the fans have been wondering about a confusing paradox: Shuhua (one of the group’s vocalist) had her own dance break but her singing parts only accounted for 1/5 singing time of the main dancer, SooJin:

The “paradox” of (G)I-DLE’s new song: The vocalist’s singing time is only 1/5 of the main dancer’s?

– “Where’s Shuhua’s line?”
– “She only got a few lines in “LATATA” and it’s even worse now, CUBE, what are you doing to Shuhua?”
– “Why does a vocalist have less lines than a main dancer? What kind of paradox is this?”
To answer the questions above, netizens have assumed that because Shuhua is a Taiwanese and her Korean pronunciation is not really clear, so CUBE only let her sing a few lines to help her avoid the close inspection of anti-fans. Maybe that’s why the company gave her the dance break to “make up” for her line distribution and enable her to show off her talents:
– “I don’t think that CUBE treated Shuhua unfairly. I found out that her Korean pronunciation is not so clear, thus the company gave her less lines and made her do the dance break, so that she can show her talents”
– “Her pronunciation is not good, so she has few lines, that’s all. Yuqi is also a foreigner but her Korean is better, that’s why she got more lines than Shuhua. If Shuhua’s Korean had been better, the company would have let her sing more”

[MV] (G)I-DLE((여자)아이들) _ HANN (Alone)(한(一))

Sources: Youtube, kenh14

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