Super Junior Kyuhyun mentioned his gay dating rumor with actor Uhm Ki Joon

Kyuhyun, a member of Super Junior, discussed the past rumors of him and actor Uhm Ki Joon being in a relationship. 

On January 31st, a video titled “I miss the timing to cut it off… Super Junior’s 17-year history of fighting” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “1theK Originals”.

On this day, Super Junior members Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun appeared and had time to read and correct their respective profiles.

Here, in Kyuhyun’s profile, an anecdote saying, “There was a rumor that he had a relationship with actor Uhm Ki Joon, but he explained that they’re just colleagues close to each other.”

Seeing this, Eunhyuk was taken aback, saying, “It’s funny that he explained about that”, before jokingly asking if Kyuhyun and Uhm Ki Joon had gone their separate ways. 

Super Junior

In response, Kyuhyun recalled a funny anecdote and said, “Ki Joon has sent me a message ‘Hey, they said you and I are in a relationship, you know?’. And I said ‘yes, honey’, and he cursed me so bad.”

Then, when Leeteuk asked, “You guys went separate ways now, right?”, Kyuhyun strongly denied, adding, “We’re maintaining our good relationship. He sent me a gift card worth 100,000 won on my birthday.”

The members then showed admiration, while Shindong made Kyuhyun laugh by saying, “They are in a relationship”. 

Source: Nate 

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