IU donates 850 million won of goods in celebration of her 13th debut anniversary

Singer IU spreads her good influence again with a special donation to mark her 13th debut anniversary.

According to EDAM Entertainment’s report on September 17, IU announced that along with New Balance, Banolimpizza shop, Blackyak, Evezary, and Jeju Samdasoo, she would deliver food, clothing, and donations to underprivileged people on September 18.


It is reported that the preparation includes 1000 pairs of New Balance sneakers for supporting teenagers’ first step into life, 2000 Banolimpizza pizzas for kids and teenagers in need, and 2000 Blackyak clothing products and winter padding jackets.

In addition, 850 million won of goods, including 300 Everazy blanket sets and 2000 Kyungdong Pharmaceutical first aid kit sets, will be provided to 20 district health centers in Seoul. Moreover, 30 000 bottled water from Jeju Samdasoo will also be delivered.

IU and UAENA (IU’s fanclub name) have donated to underprivileged people regularly ever since IU’s debut in 2008. In May, she took the lead in spreading good deeds by donating 500 million won to celebrate the last birthday in her 20s.

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