The new image that Kim Woo-bin will show through the highly-anticipated movie “Alienoid”

Actor Kim Woo-bin will make his first comeback on the big screen after 6 years through the first part of the movie “Alienoid”. 

The first part of “Alienoid” tells the story that begins when the door of time opens between the swordsmen who want to acquire the legendary divine sword at the end of the Goryeo Dynasty and people who chase alien prisoners trapped inside human bodies in 2022.

Kim Woo-bin will transform into Guard, who escorts alien prisoners. This character is calm, cool, and not easily shaken in any situation. In addition, he is expected to bring so much fun to the viewers by showing perfect chemistry with “Thunder”, a program that manages alien prisoners and Guard’s partner on Earth for a long time. 


Even before its release, “Alienoid” has drawn keen attention as Kim Woo-bin’s first movie comeback in six years. In May 2017, Kim Woo-bin went on a hiatus after being diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer. At that time, Choi Dong-hoon’s movie project “Wiretap” starring Kim Woo-bin was also suspended.

Instead of filming “Wiretap” with another actor, director Choi Dong-hoon came up with a new scenario, and the unimaginable world of “Alienoid” was created. Kim Woo-bin completely recovered from nasopharynx cancer in 2019 and confirmed his appearance in “Alienoid”. Regarding the casting of Kim Woo-bin, director Choi Dong-hoon said, “When I was writing the scenario, Woo-bin told me that he was recovering well and wanted to play a small role.” Kim Woo-bin added, “I prepared myself to always be ready to run for any small role if he needed me.”

Alienoid kim woo bin

Touched by Kim Woo-bin’s strong will, his character Guard, which was created as a rather small role when Choi Dong-hoon cast Kim Woo-bin, was later developed more and has become a major role in “Alienoid”. Expressing his gratitude, director Choi Dong-hoon said, “I felt really confident in Woo-bin’s action acting. As his health recovered completely during the filming, the intensity of the action scenes was raised. As a result, he did a great job and we had so much fun while filming the movie”.


In addition, Kim Woo-bin shared, “At the beginning of filming, the action scenes were not too difficult. As the filming went on, I became more and more greedy for action acting, so I took on many intense stunts, including the ones that used wires. In other words, I’m really curious about the dynamic action scenes that will be shown in the movie”. It is known that “Alienoid” actors had performed high-level stunts with wires and CGs based on solid basic action training in order to portray the SF fantasy and art, past and modern theme of the movie. Kim Woo-bin is said to have perfectly performed special actions using motion capture suits.


Kim Woo-bin, who recently returned to the small screen through tvN’s drama “Our Blues”, is scheduled to greet the big screen audiences with “Alienoid”. Fans and moviegoers are looking forward to what kind of acting transformation and new image Kim Woo-bin will show in front of the public with his healthy appearance. 

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