The fact that Jeon Somi left JYP has raised a lot of assumptions among netizens

At this time anything can happen, especially like the shocking news exploding on the morning of August 20th.

On the the morning of August 20th, it came as a shock to Korean netizens when the winner of Produce 101 season 1, Jeon Somi put an end to the exclusive contract with her agency, JYP Entertainment.

After finishing the promotion with I.O.I and coming back JYP, Somi has been considered as a core member of the company’s upcoming girl group. Even in this year, this female idol is frequently seen hanging out with other famous trainees, alluding to her soon debut with a new position in a new girl group.

However, this promising future was soon broken by the announcement of JYP. At this time, not only KPOP fans but Korean public and international fans are also curious about the abrupt termination in the exclusive contract between Somi and JYP. Not surprisingly, a series of analysis and assumptions have broken out on various forums. To sum up, there were three main scripts.

Script 1: The debut was delayed or Jeon Somi was not be able to wait for her debut.

Take 6MIX, one of the three precursors to the current TWICE as an example. By the time of 2013-2014, 6MIX had been expected to make their debut but two out of six members suddenly withdraw from the group. In addition to objective reasons, 6MIX was never able to appear on the Kpop stage as a new girl group of JYP.

The same thing has happened to Jeon Somi. Somi’s debut schedule in a new girlgroup was said to be in the first half of 2018, latter in the end of 2018 and then delayed to the beginning of 2019. Maybe for some reasons, the debut of the new female group is being re-adjusted and Somi sees her blur future in JYP. Actually, the idol has started promoting since the summer of 2016 with I.O.I and with a rising star like Somi, waiting for more than two years to be debuted seems to be a hard work.

However, the probability of this script is not high.

Script 2: JYP Entertainment wants Somi to join SIXTEEN 2

Jeon Somi left JYP

By the end of 2017, the rumours that JYP will cooperate with Mnet to produce SIXTEEN 2 has spread across the media. After the success of SIXTEEN 1, with TWICE’s release, JYP has the motivation to continue to rely on survival shows to train a next girl group. But Somi is an awkward case for JYP.

Jeon Somi has signed an artist contract with her agency so it is difficult to for her to participate in SIXTEEN 2 as a trainee. At the same time, it is hard to imagine that JYP’s new girl group will lack Somi, a popular star and a fixed center for sure.

The only one way is that JYP will find a way for Somi to appear at SIXTEEN and let this girl join the winning team. This script might turn out to be the turning point when Somi refused to join the survival show once again. After that, she decided to leave JYP.

Script 3: Either of the parties has violated terms of the contract and Somi is speculated to do so.

Jeon Somi left JYP

This is the most likely reason that netizens have thought of so far. JYP is well known for ripping off illegal artists such as Jay Park (2PM), Junhyeok (DAY6). In all likelihood, JYP might find out that Somi had violated terms of the contract or caused scandals that were not able to be resolved and this member of Big 3 decided to say goodbye to the idol.

On the other side, no one knows what JYP has promised to Jeon Somi in the exclusive contract, especially when she is at the peak of fame. If JYP does not keep their promise, it is normal for Somi to leave to seek new opportunities in other entertainment companies.

It is important to clarify that entertainment companies often hold the handle of a knife. They have profitable terms that allow them to easily sack the artist. Meanwhile if the artist wants to leave, he or she will have to compensate for the contract. Therefore, it is more likely that Jeon Somi is the one that vilolated terms of the contract.

Normally, after each shocking split event, Korean media will continue to release information that reveals the truth behind the scenes. Please wait for the official information which is expected to appear soon in the upcoming time!

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