The most drastic transformation of a former Wanna One member, from a nerdy-looking boy to a muscular tattooed man with red hair

Compared to when he was active with Wanna One, this guy has changed so much!

Fans of Produce 101 season 2 as well as Wanna One will surely be impressed with the student appearance of member Bae Jinyoung. Jinyoung’s handsome look at that time was likened to a fairy. After Wanna One disbanded, Jinyoung returned to his old company and worked as a member of CIX.

Since then, the male idol continuously takes fans from one surprise to another through each comeback. Abandoning the old nerdy look, Jinyoung is constantly experimenting with new looks by the company. And in the recent REBEL concept, fans were stunned when seeing Jinyoung dyed his hair red and showing off his cool tattooed and muscular body.

After 5 years, Jinyoung’s glow up might be the most shocking one of Wanna One.

  •  I’m still shocked by Jinyoung’s burning hair.
  •  He makes me think of werewolves in those fantasy stories.
  •  Either Jinyoung in the past or Jinyoung now is still my husband.
  •  I know they are just temporary tattoos but they are so cool!
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