The most criticized K-drama actor of 2022: outstanding visuals but controversial acting 

This K-drama actor constantly assumes leading roles in high-anticipated projects, yet his acting skill is always a topic of controversy. 

After appearing in the hit K-drama “Penthouse”, Kim Young Dae gained a lot of attention, even getting compared to star actor Kang Dong Won. However, while Kim Young Dae’s visuals are always highly praised, his acting performance often faces heavy criticisms, especially when he constantly nails major characters. In 2022 alone, the actor has starred in “Shooting Stars” (stylized as “Sh**ting Stars) and “The Forbidden Marriage”, playing the male lead in both K-dramas. 

Kim Young Dae The Forbidden Marriage
Kim Young Dae in “The Forbidden Marriage”

In “Shooting Stars”, Kim Young Dae assumes the role of superstar Gong Tae Sung, who is known for his warm and kind-hearted image, despite actually having a cold personality. He has a complicated relationship with Oh Han Byul (Lee Sung Kyung), who is the head of PR at Gong Tae Sung’s agency, and his past acquaintance. 

Since Gong Tae Sung is a celebrity, many viewers expect Kim Young Dae to perfectly pull off this character, living the life of a celebrity himself. However, the actor ended up being criticized for his stiff expressions, especially during complicated scenes. His chemistry with Lee Sung Kyung was also said to be bland and unconvincing, and “Shooting Stars” itself didn’t do well with ratings never surpassing the 2% mark. 

Shooting Stars

After Shooting Star, it was thought that Kim Young Dae would take time to hone his acting skills, but who would have thought that he would rush to take the lead role in The Forbidden Marriage. This time, this role is more difficult because The Forbidden Marriage is a historical drama, Kim Young Dae’s character is a king with a complicated psychological development.

After the first episodes, it is not surprising that Kim Young Dae was criticized for his acting. He did not show the aura of a king. Sad or happy expressions are not expressed well.

Kim Young Dae The Forbidden Marriage
Kim Young Dae The Forbidden Marriage
Kim Young Dae The Forbidden Marriage
Kim Young Dae’s acting disappointed viewers

The audience really wondered why Kim Young Dae was brave enough to constantly accept new projects. Many people also suggested that he should hone his acting skills and take on supporting roles.

Kim Young-dae
Kim Young Dae is wasting this visual (Image source: Hancinema)

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