“The Law Cafe” Lee Seung-gi gave a powerful kiss to Lee Se-young, whom he had a crush on for 17 years

Kim Jung-ho (Lee Seung-gi) and Kim Yu-ri (Lee Se-young) kissed in “The Law Cafe”.

The first kiss of Kim Jung-ho and Kim Yu-ri, who turned into partner lawyers, was shown on KBS2’s “The Law Cafe”, which was broadcast on Sep 26th.

the law cafe

In the latest episode, the two went to the Hongsan Police Station Women’s Youth Investigation Team with Seo Eun-gang (Andong-goo), Bae-jun (Kim Do-hoon), and Kim Min-kyu, victims of school violence, for the investigation where they met Han Se-yeon (Kim Seul-gi), who just returned from maternity leave.

Han Se-yeon, who conducted the investigation with her hawk eyes, was suspicious of Kim Yu-ri’s unfriendly attitude, but her mood was settled with Kim Jung-ho’s counterattack and Do Jin-ki (Oh ​​Dong-min)’s appearance.

The investigation began in earnest

the law cafe

Kim Jung-ho reported to the news that Dowon-gu Mayor Hong Seong-pil had threatened the victims and their parents to cover up the school violence case against his son, while Kim Yu-ri delivered an interview with Kim Min-gyu, the homeroom teacher, which she obtained directly, and exposed the corruption related to the school violence case.

Hong Ji-hoon and his accomplice, Jong-suk’s father, even revealed the embezzlement of company money, devastating the scene.

the law cafe

Outraged Hong Ji-hoon and Kim Jung-ho attacked

Infuriated by the situation, Hong Ji-hoon terrorized Kim Jung-ho with bricks and imprisoned him.

Kim Yu-ri, anxious when Kim Jung-ho could not be reached, drove her car to the garage and eventually found where Kim Jung-ho.

the law cafe

Kim Jung-ho was more worried about the blood he saw on Kim Yu-ri without even thinking about his own wound, but when Kim Yu-ri saw Kim Jung-ho, she burst into tears, saying, “I was worried about you, my heart will explode because of you.”

At this time, Kim Jung-ho grabbed Yu-ri’s hand and pulled her into a kiss, exciting many viewers.

the law cafe

Viewers who saw Lee Seung-gi and Lee Se-young’s deep kiss scene… “The ending was crazy”

After seeing the deep kiss on “The Law Cafe”, viewers poured in their reactions such as “The ending is crazy”, “The lottery couple is the best”, and “Can’t wait to watch the next episode”

the law cafe

Meanwhile, “The Law Cafe” recorded 5.9% in the metropolitan area and 1.5% among people in the 20-49 age group according to Nielsen Korea, an audience rating survey company. The show ranked first in the same timeslot among all channels on Monday, including terrestrial, cable, and general channels.

the law cafe

In addition, the highest viewer rating per minute soared to 7.2%, taking the top spot in the same time zone for 7 consecutive weeks, confidently securing its name as the strongest drama this season.

Source: insight

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