“The Law Cafe” Lee Se-young “I must have been lacking a lot, but it was a very precious time for me”

Actress Lee Se-young shared her thoughts on the end of “The Law Cafe”.

Lee Se-young said on Oct 26th, “Thank you to the viewers who have loved ‘The Law Cafe’.”

lee se young

She then confessed, “Thank you once again to the production team and actors who have been working hard for 6 months without getting hurt. I must have been lacking a lot after receiving a gift called Kim Yu-ri, but it was a very precious time for me. Thank you for your love! Jeong-ho and Yu-ri will continue to love each other and work hard for justice in the future.”

lee se young

She did not forget to express her gratitude, “I’m very grateful to the team who sent me coffee truck, snack truck and steak truck meaningfully on the last day of filming. Thank you for supporting me until the end!”

Lee Se-young

Lee Se-young also posted photos of the filming site and coffee truck. In these photos, she wore a red dress and smiled brightly.

The Law Coffee 

Meanwhile, Lee Se-young appeared in KBS2’s drama “The Law Cafe”, which ended on Oct 25th.

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