The hashtag “BLACKPINK disband” suddenly surfaced on Twitter’s top trending

On the morning of June 23, Kpop fans are shocked when the hashtag #blackpinkdisband appears on the top trending global of Twitter. After investigating the cause, netizens discover that the reason is due to a fierce battle that has just happened between the fandoms of BLACKPINK and BTS.

The incident at first is not too surprising when there has been a long-standing discord between these two fandoms. The wars of words between BLINK and ARMY are constantly occurring on almost all social networking platforms and it is gradually becoming familiar to all Kpop fans. However, this time things seem to be much more serious.

This all started when Twitter users came together for live audio discussions on Twitter Spaces. Most Twitter spaces are good when fans meet to debate different K Pop subjects, but of course, a negative breeding toxicity is always present. One example was a few toxic persons who made statements that were insulting regardless of whether or not they were a BTS fan.

The hashtag “BLACKPINK disband” suddenly surfaced on Twitter’s top trending

Some toxic people then have made sexual harassment and other rude remarks about BTS. Thus, many netizens believe that these individuals are BLACKPINK fans. Immediately, the YG girls were dragged into this incident as many netizens became angry with malicious comments coming from users who are believed to be BLINKs.

Many of these disturbed internet users have now gone to social media to trend the hashtags #blackpinkdisband in order to draw attention to a handful of these toxic individuals claiming to be BLINKS.

Many BLACKPINK fans are speaking out against these toxic individuals, hoping that the girl group would not be held responsible for these people’s ludicrous statements.

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