“The Girl on a Bulldozer” suddenly topped Netflix Korean’s movie list through word of mouth

Kim Hye Yoon’s movie “The Girl on a Bulldozer” suddenly came in 1st among Netflix’s Korea’s film list. 

Released back on April 7th, the Korean movie “The Girl on a Bulldozer” was added to Netflix  in the 3rd week of June. 

It has been less than a week since this movie was released on Netflix, but as of 4 p.m, June 23rd, “The Girl on a Bulldozer” had entered the top 10 film of Netflix Korea , even ranking first with the newest update. 

The Girl on a Bulldozer

The movie is a realistic work that follows the 19-year-old Hye Young, who was driven into a corner with her brother, losing her place to live after her father got into a sudden accident. She was thus angry at the world, and started working as a bulldozer driver. 

Throughout her career, Kim Hye Yoon has shown an extensive range of acting through works like “SKY Castle”, “Extraordinary You”, “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy”, and “Snowdrop”. In “The Girl on a Bulldozer”, the actress managed to impress again with her astounding acting prowess. 

The Girl on a Bulldozer

Regarding this, some people poured out reactions such as “Hye-yoon left another work of a lifetime” and “Every work she appeared in will be a box office success.”

Along with Kim Hye-yoon’s passionate performance, actors Park Hyuk-kwon, Oh Man-seok and Yesung also appeared in the work, adding synergy.

The Girl on a Bulldozer

As a result, “The Girl on a Bulldozer” has been receiving enthusiastic responses from fans since its release on Netflix. It is said that both the story and the directing gave off a new feeling.

The Girl on a Bulldozer

After its theatrical release, “The Girl on a Bulldozer” was released through Netflix and is drawing attention. As it ranked first in Netflix’s TOP10 Korean films, people are focusing on whether it will be able to become a long-term box office success.

Source: Insight

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