The everyday shenanigans of BLACKPINK Lisa and Rosé: From “fighting” on stage to bickering on set, the friend duo always get back together 

This pair of friends is adored by fans for their cuteness. 

Among the youngest members of the group, BLACKPINK Lisa and Rosé boast a close friendship with intimate interaction. Because of their close relationship, Lisa and Rosé are loved for even moments of pretended sulking, on the set and in real life. 

When Rosé asked her to play games, Lisa jokingly “denied” the invitation 

In the 5th episode of “B.P.M Roll,” YG revealed moments of BLACKPINK in Los Angeles where Lisa and Rosé’s moments gained attention. 

During their shopping time, Rosé asked Lisa to play a game called “Clueless Party” but received a straightforward “no” from the main dancer with a funny expression. 

Rosé asked Lisa to play a party game 
While saying “no,” Lisa still appeared excited to please her best friend 
Nonetheless, her funny expression was still caught on camera 

“Arguing” on the set the set of “Shut Down” for … tagging each other on Instagram 

In the fourth episode of “B.P.M Roll,” Lisa and Rosé were seen on the set  for their “Shut Down” MV and taking photos. When Rosé reminded Lisa to tag her in the post, Lisa responded with a “no,” believing fans would who took the photos. While Lisa later promised to do it, Rosé still playfully sulked. 

Rosé took photos of Lisa and asked Lisa to tag her on the post but was refused intially 
Rosé “sulked” on the set 
The photo taken on the set of “Shut Down” MV 

Despite their discord, Lisa and Rosé still care for each other 

In the two concert nights of the “BORN PINK” world tour in Seoul, fans spotted that Rosé was not feeling well and did not interact much with other members, including Lisa. At the concert at Dallas, Texas, fans were more worried when the pair seemed to avoid each other. 

The situation contradicted their close friendship filled with sweet gestures. During the time, Twitter was trending with the key word “Lisa Rosé fighting”  and 1.6 million views on TikTok. 

Lisa and Rosé supposedly avoided each other at their “BORN PINK” concert…
…  they became the talk of the town 

Nonetheless, they still care for each other in the slightest details. When Lisa noticed Rosé’s shoelaces were untied, she helped her friend redo it. When the pair got along together again, they continued expressing their relaitonship in the most intimate ways on stage. 

Lisa tied Rosé’s shoelaces when they were allegedly “fighting” with each other 
The moments when they resolved the “discord” 
Lisa and Rosé got together again 

Source: K14

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