The ever successful solo career of Mark Tuan (GOT7) 

After leaving JYPE, the soloist is experiencing major success but has not forgotten his past with GOT7.

GOT7 is one of the most well-known K-pop groups among their generation. However, when their contract ended with JYP Entertainment in January 2021, the members decided not to renew and moved on with their solo careers. Currently, Mark Tuan is often considered to be the most successful member of post-group activities, according to netizens. 

When the soloist was still with GOT7, Mark Tuan had already attracted much attention for his handsome face, multi-talents that enabled him to execute rap verses and compose music. According to Dispatch, the male idol was born in a wealthy and powerful family. His parents are both successful business people in real estate. Currently, his family is living in a garden villa in Los Angeles, USA. 

The Korean media stated that Mark Tuan could easily purchase any item without looking at a price. He once spontaneously bought a ticket from Thailand to Sweden because he wanted to go skiing. 

After his departure from JYP Entertainment, Mark Tuan focused on his solo path. The soloist switched to English songs entirely, maintaining his habits of composing and producing music. Currently, Mark Tuan is having his tour through different states in the US. Last June, his fan-meeting in Thailand was sold out. 

Despite his ongoing solo activities, Mark Tuan still thinks of GOT7. On May 23rd, 2022, he returned with other members to K-pop in full formation to perform their song “Nanana”. He still shows a close relationship with BamBam notwithstanding geographical distance. 

Apart from the music field, Mark Tuan is harvesting successes in fashion. He is popular with Saint Laurent and frequently appears at the brand’s events or their magazine shoots. In the Paris Fashion Week, he was complimented to walk the stage no less than professional models. 

At the end of 2021, Mark Tuan was caught in dating rumors with Rosé (BLACKPINK). However, at that moment, he still voiced his stance, restating: “Yall are too funny… Stop now”. Currently, Mark is single and actively working on artistic activities. 

Although coming from a wealthy background, Mark Tuan is always on a pursuit of his passion. Moreover, he is often adored for the relationship with his members in GOT7. 

Source: yan

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