The Atmosphere between Dex and Kwon Eunbi Sparks Dating Speculation

Kwon Eunbi and Dex’s friendship draws attention

On September 23rd, on MBC’s ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere,’ Kwon Eunbi and Dex appeared as guests and showed their exceptional wit.

Song Euni said, “I watched Dex on TV, and he was flirting even in India.” Dex explained, “I don’t know what the image of flirting looks like. I think it’s praise and respect for the other person. I approached them in a friendly way, but it seemed to be expressed as flirting.”

Kwon Eunbi and Dex are currently hot trends. Song Euni said, “They appear on so many shows,” revealing curiosity about their friendship.

In response, Kwon Eunbi said, “I went to an event yesterday, and we met.” Dex also said, “I went to a regional event, and I knew Eunbi was coming, so I called her. I said, ‘Eunbi, where are you?’ She said, ‘We’ll see each other tomorrow. We’ll see each other on ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere.’”

When Lee Young Ja asked, “Will you exchange phone numbers then?” Dex responded positively, “We’ve been filming together for a while.” He added, “I know (if it’s the same event), but Eunbi didn’t. So I said, ‘Hey, let’s meet in an hour,’ and she was like, ‘Huh?'”

Dex Kwon Eun-bi

Hearing this, Kwon Eunbi said, “(Dex called) and I found out at that moment,” and Dex also said, “I’m so busy that I’m not in my right mind.” Hong Hyun Hee added to the mysterious atmosphere by saying, “That means Dex is more interested in Eunbi.”

Dex praised Kwon Eunbi, “She is so beautiful, and she’s really professional.” However, Kwon Eunbi said, “But Sana is Dex’s ideal type.” The MCs teased her, “She’s sulking.”

Dex burst into laughter at Kwon Eunbi’s words and asked, “Then, Eunbi, would you like me to choose you as my ideal type?” Kwon Eunbi nodded and said, “Sana is so pretty, so I acknowledge it.” Hong Hyun Hee exclaimed, “What’s going on with these two?” and Yoo Byung Jae also joked, “Let us know if you two start dating.”

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