The actor who tried to decline the casting offer but finally accepted after getting his fortune read

The reason why Cho Hyun Chul, who raised his recognition level thanks to the role of Jo Suk Bong in Netflix’s series “D.P.”, decided to appear in this work is a little unique.

Based on the webtoon “D.P Dog’s Day”, “D.P.” follows Ahn Joon Ho (Jung Hae In) and Han Ho Yeol (Koo Kyo Hwan), part of the military desertion pursuit team (D.P.) to catch deserters, as they chase people with various stories and face a reality they did not know before.

In the past, Cho Hyun Chul once said that he tried to refuse the casting.

Cho Hyun-chul

In a video posted on “Netflix Korea”, when the editor asked “How was your first meeting with the director?”, Cho Hyun Chul gave an unexpected answer, “I didn’t even think about getting this type of role.”

He caused laughter by revealing, “I went and got my fortune read. They said I need to get this role for my future, so I just acted like I didn’t want it in front of the director when I actually wanted the role.”

Cho Hyun-chul

In the end, Cho Hyun Chul, who appeared in the work and performed enthusiastically, received the Best Supporting Actor – Television award at the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards in recognition of his excellent acting skills.

Cho Hyun-chul

Last year, he played Oh Kyung Soo, an investigator at NT Life Insurance, in “Inspector Koo”, which drew attention as Lee Young Ae’s comeback work.

This year, he will make a special appearance in wavve’s original drama “Park Ha Kyung’s Travel Journal”, which is Lee Na Young’s comeback work.

Source: Daum

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