Teenage Dancers Shocked By “Street Dance Girls Fighter 2” Fierce Elimination, “Disbanding Existing Crew”

Only 7 dancers can survive the Master crew selection battle in “Street Dance Girls Fighter 2”

Episode 2 of Mnet’s “Street Dance Girls Fighter 2”, which aired on November 28th, continued the masters’ intense recruitment war to create a world-class teenage dance crew.

swoopa 2

Watching Miyabi’s performance, Lia Kim sent a love call, saying “Did you know Yumeri joined 1MILLION when she first came to Korea? It would be nice if we could work together”. Redlic also showed her willingness to have Miyabi on her team. However, Miyabi eventually chose JAM REPUBLIC.

Next, Sato Rana introduced herself as “Pink lion Sato Rana”, adding “I’m working as a dancer in Korea so I come to Korea very often”. She continued, “I’ve taken Baba master’s classes several times. When I saw her dance for the first time, I already thought I wanted to become a dancer who can teach like her or a backup dancer”. Rana received 4IN and went to Bada’s team BEBE.

swoopa 2

After the team selection match, Kang Daniel shocked everyone when he said, “A total of 27 dancers have been selected through the Team Selection, but the elimination doesn’t end here. Only 7 members per team can advance to the next stage. The existing crew will be disbanded”.

Bada exclaimed, “That’s so cruel”. Crew members were taken aback, while individual participants, on the other hand, could not hold back their laughter. The final selection match was a random battle and the teenage dancers cheered for each other and showcased their burning passion. The first master who conducted this battle was MANNEQUEEN and 7 members were selected. BEBE was the next team to do the random battle and chose the final 7 members.

Source: Daum

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