Taiwanese Female Singer’s Wardrobe Malfunction on Stage Draws Laugh from Fans

Taiwanese singer Amber An experienced an incident during a performance where her pants ripped.

On July 7th, the highlight of the “Kaohsiung Beer Rock Festival” was Taiwanese singer Amber An. While Amber An was energetically dancing to her hit song “Ai De Qi,” her lace pants accidentally ripped right in the middle, exposing her rump to the audience.

amber ahn

When asked about the flood of flashes after the performance, Amber An responded cheerfully, “When I heard the sound of tearing, I thought it was fate. It was because I was enjoying the dance so much.

Afterward, photos of Amber’s wardrobe malfunction quickly spread online. One fan shared a bewildering photo of Amber on a social networking service, jokingly commenting, “Why didn’t she rip her pants while I was there?

amber ahn

Amber, upon seeing the fan’s post, shared it and added her own comment. She said, “I have just one question. How long will you continue to laugh at me?

Amber An made her debut in the entertainment industry through the television program “Celebrity Imitation Show” in February 2009. In 2011, she was named the sexiest woman in the world by the Taiwanese edition of FHM magazine. 

Last year, Amber An appeared in the Taiwanese film “The Post-Truth World” and expanded her activities beyond singing and into acting.

Source: Nate

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