Taeyeon mentioned Jung Hyung-don “He isn’t my real ex lover”

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon finally appeared on “Bam House”. She mentioned “We Got Married” – her “dark past”

On Dec 1st, a video featuring Taeyeon was released on the YouTube channel “Bam House”.

BamBam had previously expressed his desire for Taeyeon to appear on “Bam House”. Finally, Taeyeon joined “Bam House”, and BamBam became a successful fan. BamBam recalled the moment he became a fan of Taeyeon, “Start fanboying… I started with TaeTiSeo. I saw your music video in the dorms. I didn’t even think about it twice. That was when I first became a fan.”


Taeyeon confessed, “I’m so grateful, but to be honest, I had a tough time during TaeTiSeo promotions. I just had a lot on my plate and had to juggle tons of activities at once. So I got through it thinking, ‘It’s so difficult.’ But some juniors nurtured their dreams because of my activities back then. So it makes me reflect on myself. I keep thinking, ‘I should keep my act together.’


BamBam became an even bigger fan of Taeyeon because of “We Got Married”. BamBam said, “What really got me started on fanboying you, honestly, was ‘We Got Married’.” Taeyeon replied, “This is my first time meeting someone who became a fan because of ‘We Got Married’.” BamBam explained, “While taking Korean lessons, my teacher told me to watch some variety TV programs. So I said I’d watch ‘We Got Married’. And I watched your episodes.

BamBam cautiously mentioned Jung Hyung-don, who was Taeyeon’s partner on “We Got Married”, “I started fanboying you because of the chicken kalguksu. You made it for Jung Hyung-don.” Hearing this, Taeyeon said, “You can just say ‘Jung Hyung-don’ confidently! Because he isn’t my real ex. Think of him as my colleague.

Source: Naver

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