“Surprise appearance in the news”… Oh My Girl Seunghee quietly participates in fundraising to help neighbors

It was belatedly known that Oh My Girl Seunghee participated in fundraising to help neighbors.

At the end of KBS’s “9 O’Clock News” on Dec 30th, the names of those who made donations to help neighbors were disclosed. It was revealed that Seunghee donated 20 million won.

Oh My Girl Seunghee

Viewers applauded Seunghee’s quiet deeds, “I was surprised to see Seunghee’s name while watching the news.”

Oh My Girl Seunghee

In addition to Seunghee, Oh My Girl Arin also donated 20,000 briquettes. She showed good influence by reaching out one after another to support self-reliance of low-income families as well as children who are not protected anymore.

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