Sunny feels pressured because she is the only Girls’ Generation member who hasn’t made a solo debut yet

When she confided with BoA, Sunny had the opportunity to express her thoughts about her being the only member in SNSD who has not released a solo song.

In SNSD, Sunny is the only one who has not yet made a solo debut, although the rest of the members have released at least one personal music product.  Over the past 13 years, in addition to the group’s activities, the female idol has only released a few movie soundtracks or small music projects.  Recently, Sunny expressed her feelings about this pressure on tvN’s On and Off program.

When Sunny had dinner with BoA, BoA asked, “Don’t you want to sing?. Sunny answered, “It always feels like homework to me. I don’t know what I like, what I should do, or what I’m good at. In the team, I was like MSG. The vocal director was always disappointed with me when I sang. So my confidence fell and I thought my voice was boring.”

BoA then comforted Sunny by praising her voice, “I think your natural voice is very charming”. Referring to this, Sunny confessed that she is the only one who has not debuted solo in SNSD.  This is no different from coming into the new school year but has not finished her homework. Sunny admitted, “I’m the only member in Girls’ Generation without a solo album. I feel like I haven’t done my vacation homework and the school’s coming soon. I feel like I’m being chased.”

Sunny debuted as the lead vocal and sub rapper of SNSD.  Some experts appreciate her strength is high-pitched, good high notes.  Although sometimes the female idol does not have stable vocal control, Sunny’s live singing skills are as good as other members of the group.  Therefore, many people regret that she has not made a solo debut.

Sources: allkpop

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