Sung Yu-ri’s husband is accused of pocketing 300 million won under the pretext of coin investment “The plaintiff is Park Min-young’s ex-lover”

Singer Sung Yu-ri’s husband – former professional golfer Ahn Sung-hyun was accused of pocketing 300 million won under the pretext of coin investment

On December 5th, JTBC’s “Newsroom” reported that Ahn Sung-hyun, who is currently on trial for receiving billions of won under the guise of listing virtual currency, is facing a lawsuit for not returning hundreds of millions of won after receiving it in the name of a famous golf player.

According to the report, the plaintiff is Park Min-young‘s ex-lover Kang Jong-hyun, who was once close to Ahn Sung-hyun and is currently under suspicion of being the actual owner of the cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb. Kang Jong-hyun, who is currently in custody on charges of embezzling 62.8 billion won from a Bithumb affiliate, recently filed a complaint with the Seoul Gangnam Police Station, claiming that Ahn Sung-hyun did not repay the borrowed money.

In the complaint, Kang Jong-hyun alleged that Ahn Sung-hyun demanded, “Lend 300 million won to a PGA Tour famous golf player who wants to buy coins in the United States.” Kang Jong-hyun claimed that he transferred money (virtual currency) through an acquaintance, but it did not reach the famous golf player. He became aware of this fact and inquired about it.

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Regarding JTBC’s report, Ahn Sung-hyun’s side refuted, “It’s true that I mentioned the golf player, but I didn’t ask for money. The 300 million won is Kang Jong-hyun’s borrowed-name investment money.”

The golf player’s side stated, “I’ve never asked to borrow money, and I didn’t even know that money was exchanged.”

Source: Nate

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