Sung Yu-ri, “People who cheat on their lovers tend to be more conservative” (Love Recall)

Singer-actress Sung Yu-ri directly criticized those who cheated on their lovers.

KBS 2TV’s “Love Recall”, which will air on October 3rd, features two Recall girls under the theme “Nevertheless…”.

The broadcast will introduce the story of a girl’s ex-boyfriend X, which Recall planners altogether comment as “the worst”.

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Regarding her ex, the Recall girl says, “This person used to be my best match”, “He was sweet to me only”, and “He was my ideal type”, while thinking of the past. However, she reveals that X did “cyber affair” during the time they were dating.

The Recall planners are all shocked by X’s “cyber affair”, which means he talked to unidentified people through random chats and then met them. Most of the respondents say they cannot understand the fact that the girl wants to recall her breakup with X.

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It is X’s duality that makes Recall planners even angrier. X committed cyber affair without the Recall girl knowing it. Starting from drinking alcohol, to meeting friends, X controlled the Recall girl even with her clothing issues as well as acted conservatively and patriarchally. The Recall girl had to follow X’s orders to avoid quarreling with him.

Choi Yoo-jung, who appears as a one-day Recall planner, says, “I’m so angry because this is out of common sense. Trust is the most important thing between lovers, and he destroyed it all”. Jang Young-ran also got frustrated, saying “I hate the fact that X had been acting like that and the Recall girl just followed his words”.

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Sung Yu-ri shared, “The more conservative people are, the more likely they will cheat on their lovers. He experienced lots of such things himself so he blocked the girlfriend from that situation in first place”, giving a straightforward criticism. 

Source: daum

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