Sung Yu-ri got into another suspicion related to Bithumb…The CEO of her agency is a Bithumb investor

The CEO of actress Sung Yu-ri’s agency is suspected of holding a large number of shares in Vident, Bithumb’s largest shareholder, raising questions about Sung Yu-ri’s claim that she “doesn’t know anything.”

According to Ten Asia on Oct 17th, Kim, CEO of Sung Yu-ri’s agency Initial Entertainment, is a major investor in Vident, Bithumb’s largest shareholder.

According to reports, Kim has at least 300,000 shares, and his current value is about 1.3 billion won. Kim also borrowed more than 1 billion won from the stock as collateral.

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In an interview with Dispatch earlier, Kang Jong-hyun said about the expensive Maybach SUV, “I’m borrowing it because I’m close to Ahn Sung-hyun.” As it was reported that Kang Jong-hyun, who is suspected of being the real owner of Bithumb, frequently rides the vehicle belongs to Ahn Sung-hyun, a former national athlete, sports coach and Sung Yu-ri’s husband, Sung Yu-ri was also suspected of being related to Bithumb.

Coach Ahn is a member of Bit Galaxy, the predecessor of Initial, who is embroiled in suspicions of Kang Jong-hyun’s circular investment, and some suspected that he already invested 600 million won in Vident. Also, Sung Yu-ri’s husband, coach Ahn, is leading Initial Sports.

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In response, Sung Yu-ri’s agency Initial Entertainment drew a line. The agency said, “Sung Yu-ri does not know about Ahn Sung-hyun’s car rental and his close relationship with Kang Jong-hyun.” However, following suspicions related to her husband, the CEO of her agency is suspected to be related to Bithumb, making her previous claim less reliable.

In particular, questions continue about whether Sung Yu-ri was a member of Bucket Studio, a Bithumb shareholder, and the reason why she built a nest in Initial Entertainment.

A staff from Initial Entertainment said that Kim is indeed the CEO, but his individual stocks cannot be confirmed. In this regard, many media outlets have tried to contact Initial Entertainment, but there is still no response.

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