Suho’s 1st comeback after 2 years in the military: “Are you under pressure seeing the success from Red Velvet, NCT, aespa?”

EXO’s leader – Suho – shared his thought on the comeback this time with this 2nd mini-album.

Suho is well-known as the talented and handsome leader of EXO. Despite his 10 years promotion as an EXO member, Suho has only had 2 official solo promotions: 1 before and 1 after his enlistment. Returning this time with the 2nd mini-album “Grey Suit” consisting of 6 tracks, Suho showcased 2 totally different images: sentimental in the title track “Grey Suit” and bright in “Hurdle”.

The title track “Grey Suit” is a progressive rock track mixed with active string and band sounds. In only a few days after the MV was released, the media outlet Kenh14 has had the chance to listen to Suho’s thoughts about his 2nd solo comeback after the 2-year hiatus.

  • Hello Suho, what is the message that you want to convey through the comeback this time?

The message I want to convey is that thanks to EXO-L (EXO’s fandom name), my life is more meaningful and fulfilled. The reason why I chose this concept for my 2nd solo mini-album is the inspiration I got from a musical I’ve watched by chance, which I like so much that I started to read its book as well. It’s a story about time control.

EXO Suho comeback

During my military service, I have many times wondered, “How should I treat this time preciously?”. And this book has helped me a lot and inspired this Gray Suit concept.

  • Progressive rock is a rather unpopular music genre, but why did you still choose it to create the title song?

Regarding this genre of music, although it is hard to listen to, I personally listen to it often and I feel that it can really convey my feelings. So I was very confident to choose this music genre in this album.

  • You had a solo debut before you enlisted and made a comeback after you were discharged, do you feel any difference between these two promotions? 
EXO Suho comeback

To be honest, I really like and am very proud of my first album, but there are still some parts that could have been more completed, so through this second album, I worked on improving those things and fulfilling the story that I want to convey. I believe such things make this album meaningful.  

  • What do you think is unique about the color of your music?

I think blue is the best color to describe my music. This is also the color of Suho’s superpower. Blue also sometimes gives off feelings of sadness, doesn’t it?

But instead of expressing sadness, I want to comfort it, like, comforting such sadness in a magical and ethereal way with my own emotions. That’s why I think blue is the color that best represents my music color and this album. 

EXO Suho comeback
  • EXO has debuted for a decade, which period of time during the last 10 years is the most successful and memorable to you?

It’s difficult to select a specific moment because I find all the times I have had with EXO memorable. If we feel tired, we all encourage each other. We share both joy and sadness together as well. So all the time that has passed is truly a happy time for me.

EXO Suho comeback
  • Have you or EXO members ever felt pressured by the growth of your SM juniors like NCT, Red Velvet or aespa?

I don’t even know what to say about this. The juniors are all so talented, I debuted first, I’m a bit old now! When I look at younger groups, I see that the future of Kpop is very bright and worth anticipating. I also need to work harder. That’s what I thought. 

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