NO:ZE apologizes eight days after controversy, “No excuse, only self-reflection”

Dancer NO:ZE, who has been embroiled in controversy over advertising discrimination, issued an official apology eight days after the controversy.

On July 12th, NO:ZE posted a handwritten apology on her social media account.

NO:ZE said, “I’m sorry to speak up so late,” and added, “I was careful about how to express my apologies to those who must have been disappointed by my immature actions recently. I’m sorry again because my actions seem to have disappointed other people.”

NO:ZE said, “I am truly sorry for causing damage and disappointment to the officials without any excuse. I should have acted with responsibility as much as I was loved by many people, but I deeply reflected and felt myself not being able to do so and realized that I still have a lot to learn,” she added.

My immature attitude caused trouble for the officials and disappointed the fans who cared for me and loved me. I know that I can’t undo my past mistakes in any words, so I will do my best to reflect deeply and show you a better image than asking for immediate forgiveness,” she said.

The dancer also added, “I will not forget my current pledge and try to show a more mature appearance and humble attitude in the future.”

Earlier, NO:ZE was criticized by the public for allegedly abusing her power against small and medium-sized companies in the process of conducting SNS advertisements.

Source: nate

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