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“Street Man Fighter” is surrounded by negative opinions even before its official premiere

Many are upset that “Street Man Fighter” may exhaust viewers even before it starts.

Mnet’s “Be the SMF” will air on July 5th, which will reveal all eight crews that will appear in “Street Man Fighter.” Among these eight crews, the results of the solo dancers’ crew formation survival “Be Mbitious” will also be revealed. Fans of the series are curious about who will become a part of the Mbitious Crew.

As was the case in the previous prequel broadcast, the cast of “Street Woman Fighter” will reportedly introduce eight crews to join the “Street Man Fighter,” including Mbitious. The broadcast is expected to reveal the charms and characteristics of each crew and delivers preliminary information that viewers should look out for, such as the crews’ relationships and battle matches between them.

Be Mbitious

Street Woman Fighter,” “Street Girl Dance Fighter” and “Street Man Fighter” have become a brand that Mnet is proud of. The “Street Woman Fighter” leaders made broadcasters buzz last year, and as announced in a joint interview with Mnet’s dance IP producers in May, the follow-up to “Street Woman Fighter” will appear soon one after another, making it a dance timeslot every Tuesday night.

However, it is worrisome that such excessive use of the name “Street Woman Fighter” will not only reduce interest in the brand, but also increase the public’s negative impression of it.

be mbitious

Recently, the notice that there would be stages for 8 “Street Man Fighter” crews at the “Street Woman Fighter” concert was suddenly announced, becoming a hot topic among fans who reserved the concert. The fact that they have to spend money watching other teams’ performances at the concert was unpleasant.

Be Mbitious

Even in such a situation, people are raising expectations and curiosity about whether Mnet’s dance IP will be able to see the light properly.

Source: Daum

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