“Squid Game” Star Lee Jung-jae Picked This Song By BTS’s Jungkook As The Song That Gives Him Strength

On February 9th, Artist Company’s official YouTube channel released a video containing interviews and New Year’s greetings of its artists under the title “What’s the song that gives you strength?”

Lee Jung-jae, who caused a global syndrome through the Netflix series “Squid Game,” picked Jungkook’s solo song “Standing Next To You” as “a song that gives me strength.” Lee Jung-jae said, “It was released a little while ago, but…” and then sang a line of “Standing Next To You” himself to show his passion.

Fans responded by leaving comments such as, “Standing Next To You is a masterpiece,” “Standing Next To You is a masterpiece, and I feel overwhelmed when I listen to it,” “Lee Jung-jae has a good taste,” “Did you see the live stage? My dopamine burst,” “Everyone likes good songs,” and “Hope you make a big hit with the drama.”

Actor Lee Je-hoon, who previously attended the 2023 MAMA Awards in Tokyo, also pointed out Jungkook as a K-pop artist that he is watching these days. Lee Je-hoon said, “He is so cool and I want to imitate him so much whenever I see him. I’m refraining from doing that,” adding, “I can never imitate him and do such a performance.”

“Standing Next to You” is the title song of Jungkook‘s solo album “GOLDEN” released in November last year. It debuted at No. 5 on Billboard’s main single chart “Hot 100” and entered the chart for 13 consecutive weeks, followed by No. 1 on the two charts of “Global 200” and “Global (excluding the U.S.)”. It also entered the U.K.’s official main single chart “Top 100” for a total of 11 weeks and has more than 370 million streams on Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming platform.

Source: StarNews

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