Song Joong Ki Sparks Controversy with Response to Reporter’s Question About His Son

Netizens’ opinions are divided over a video capturing Song Joong Ki’s interaction with a reporter at the airport in September 

In the video, a curious reporter posed a question about Song Joong Ki‘s firstborn son, asking, “Have you decided what to name your son?” In response, Song Joong Ki said, “Why should I tell you?

This led to divided reactions. Some netizens criticized Song Joong Ki, accusing him of displaying a lack of friendliness towards the reporter. They expressed disappointment, with comments like, “Song Joong Ki is rude; I used to like him a lot, but now I have to reconsider,” and “Why does he have to act so secretive?

On the other side of the argument, many netizens jumped to Song Joong Ki’s defense, asserting that he was responding in a light-hearted manner. They argued that he had every right to decline answering such a personal question. Comments like “He was just joking,” “He isn’t wrong though, why did the reporter ask him that?” and “I don’t think Song Joong Ki needs to answer a personal question.” 

Following his airport appearance, Song Joong Ki became more open in sharing about his firstborn son. During an interview with Wikitree on September 25th, he even proudly showed a video of his son to reporters, sparking positive interactions. He further delighted fans by sharing that his son shares a striking resemblance to him, particularly in the lips, as he appeared on Newsroom three weeks later.

Source: K14, allkpop

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