“Reborn Rich” Song Joong Ki left this post on the student community when he was at Sungkyunkwan University

Song Joong Ki’s post on the student community when he attended Sungkyunkwan University is being re-examined.

Song Joong Ki is enjoying his “second heyday” as he is starring in JTBC’s “Reborn Rich” following tvN’s “Vincenzo.” “Reborn Rich” is attracting the public’s attention, leading to a huge success. Among the cast, Song Joong Ki perfectly portrayed the role of a 20-year-old college freshman, making people throw back his time when he was still a student at Sungkyunkwan University.

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Recently, various photos about Song Joong Ki’s student days are posted on SNS and online communities with the title, “A real past story about Song Joong Ki of ‘Reborn Rich’.” According to the released photos, in 2006, Song Joong Ki left a post on his university community under the title, “Seniors and members, please read this.” Starting with a greeting that wished for everyone’s health, Song said, “I’m going to nag a little.”

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Song Joong Ki firmly said, “The area around the computer in the offices of the broadcasting stations of the Natural Science Campus and Humanities and Social Science Campus is too messy,” adding, “If it continues to be this messy, I will no longer bring A4 paper.

He then reiterated, “Please keep the broadcasting station clean” adding, “If everyone pays a little attention, we can create a clean broadcasting station.

Song Joong-ki

In an article announcing the festival event of another university, Song Joong Ki commented, “Don’t think I’m annoying you with this or forcing you to do so. I hope you come and feel how the broadcasting club of another university holds a festival in a different way from us”.

His mature way of speaking and determined appearance, which were opposite to his young age, was 100% consistent with his roles in the two famous dramas “Vincenzo” and “Reborn Rich”.

In addition, Song Joong Ki even invited an announcer to an event held at his campus by himself and attended classes with passionate eyes, proving his reliable appearance at school.

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Pointed out that Song Joong Ki has everything, including an outstanding appearance, a hard-working personality, and excellent acting skills, netizens praised the actor, saying “Even if he hadn’t been a celebrity, he would have become an amazing person”.

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki made his debut in the entertainment industry in the 2018 film “A Frozen Flower” and has steadily accumulated solid filmography since then.

Song Joong-ki

In 2012, Song Joong Ki led the movie “A Werewolf Boy” together with actress Park Bo Young and became a “top actor”. He continued to receive huge love after starring in drama hits, such as KBS2’s “Descendants of the Sun” and tvN’s “Vincenzo”.

Although Song Joong Ki has already turned 38 years old this year, the actor still boasts a youthful visual that has not changed much compared to his appearance during his debut days.

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