Son Ye Jin previously filmed steamy scenes with these handsome Korean actors, Hyun Bin might get jealous!

Son Ye Jin is an actress who is not hesitant to do daring love scenes, but with Hyun Bin, it only stopped at kissing scenes. 

Starting out with an innocent and refreshing image, Son Ye Jin soon transformed her image by taking on bolder roles in movies and TV series that contain bedroom scenes. From steamy love scenes to sexy scenes, Son Ye Jin did it all by herself. For nearly 20 years of working in the industry, Son Ye Jin has acted alongside various handsome Korean actors in romantic bed scenes, but surprisingly, Hyun Bin is not one of them!

1. Jung Hae In

Although it is a melodrama, “Something in the Rain” is filled with sweet bed scenes that have viewers blushing. Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin show such convincing and sizzling on-screen chemistry that they were even rumored to be dating in real life.

Son Ye Jin

2. Bae Yong Joon

“April Snow” features one of Son Ye Jin’s first on-screen steamy scenes. In the movie, not only filming bed scenes, she was also not hesitant to take off her clothes to deliver the most realistic love scenes with actor Bae Yong Joon.

Son Ye Jin

3. Ha Suk Jin

In the revenge series “Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus” released in 2013, she also had a steamy scene with co-star Ha Suk Jin. What’s more interesting is that 6 years later, Ha Suk Jin played Hyun Bin’s brother in the hit drama “Crash Landing On You”.

Son Ye Jin

4. Lee Min Ho

Son Ye Jin’s collaboration with Lee Min Ho in “Personal Taste” did not achieve much success because the drama’s storyline is considered rather bland. However, the chemistry between the two, especially the hot scene in the last episode, still manages to grab the attention of the viewers.

5. Kim Joo Hyuk

“My Wife Got Married” is a controversial romantic drama film starring Son Ye Jin as the female lead. In the movie, the actress has many captivating bed scenes with her senior Kim Joo Hyuk. All the scenes where she had to show off her body were done by herself without the help of a stunt double. Her dedicated performance in “My Wife Got Married” also helped her win “Best Actress” at the prestigious Blue Dragon Film Awards at the age of 26.

Son Ye Jin

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