Somi unexpectedly posted a selfie with aespa’s Giselle before her comeback, is a collaboration happening?

What is Somi hinting at?

Somi and aespa’s Giselle were previously known to be unrelated. The female idols are from two different companies. However, on October 21, Somi took fans by surprise when she posted a selfie taken with the Japanese member of the SM’s rookie group on her Instagram. 

Looking at the selfie, Somi and Giselle appear to be close friends. They used a filter and only half of their faces were seen, but their double visual is still radiant. Notably, Somi posted a photo with Giselle after announcing her solo comeback date with the first album in her career called “XOXO”. Fans are wondering whether or not there will be a collaboration between the two. 

  • Somi is having a comeback. What if Giselle is featured in one of the songs? 
  • OMG, so they know each other. Somi liked photos of Giselle a few times already.
  • I was taken aback when I saw her story.
  • Are they teasing a collaboration?
  • Giselle is definitely aespa’s social butterfly.
  • This caught me off guard. I didn’t expect Somi and Giselle to be friends. 
  • Now that I think about it, their personalities seem to match well. Both of them are fluent in English, the only difference is Somi is a year younger than Giselle.
Somi is having a comeback on the 29th, is she teasing a collaboration with Giselle?

Earlier, many fans noticed that Somi also liked a few photos of Giselle on Instagram. However, the friendship of Somi and Giselle is still surprising. Fans are currently curious about how and when the two got to know each other.

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Somi liked Giselle’s photos on Instagram several times before
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