Somi is in another controversy for touching Hyunjin (Stray Kids) inappropriately

However, some fans are arguing that Somi just accidentally touched the Stray Kids member.

Somi is in another controversy for touching Hyunjin (Stray Kids) inappropriately
Hyunjin (black) is Somi’s close friend because they had had a long time being trainee together at JYP.

The video of Somi, Hyun Jin (Stray Kids), Mina (Gugudan), Chani (SF9) and Chung Ha on Music Core is in the center of attention. Somi and Chung Ha was in the middle of an interview about their comebacks and the MC trio Mina – Chani – Hyun Jin were doing their work happily as the interviewers.

On Twitter, netizens’ opinions are split. Many fans are saying that the young female idol has touched her senior’s body inappropriately. During the video, while Somi was dancing along with Chung Ha, Hyunjin has noticed and leaned his body to one side to avoid any unnecessary bumping or touching. However, Somi surprisingly put her hand behind Hyunjin which startled him to stumbled back. Through this camera angle, it was like Somi has (intentionally or not) touched Hyunjin’s butt.

However, Somi’s fans are arguing. Based on the angle of her arm, Somi was holding something which made her unable to dance to “Snapping”. Due to this, Somi has thrown that thing behind while Hyunjin was stepping back to make space for Somi. If any kind of inappropriate touching happened, it was unintentional.

Some comments: “She touched Hyunjin to tell him to stay away from her spotlight”; “If Somi did pat Hyunjin’s butt, it’s still nothing because they are close friends. However, Somi obviously didn’t touch him that way”; “I don’t believe that a rookie female idol will do this on national TV. Stop making up things”; “It’s nothing but you guys are making things up just because you guys hate her”

I think Hyunjin was trying to make more space for Chung Ha and Somi to dance but at the same time Somi was throwing away something behind him. This is just a misunderstanding”; “If Hyunjin had done this, he would have been criticized for all his life…

Source: iOne

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