Singer Ahn from a three-member group indicted on taking drugs with third-generation chaebols and Hwang Ha Na’s cousin

Singer Ahn from a three-member group was arrested by the prosecution on charges of taking drugs.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office’s Violent Crime Department (chief prosecutor Shin Joon Ho) indicted Ahn on charges of habitually administering cannabis. 

L idol drug allegations
marijuana korean chaebol

While arresting and investigating Ahn on charges of cultivating marijuana, etc., the prosecution secured evidence of Ahn exchanging messages related to buying and selling marijuana as well as payment details. Apart from Ahn, the prosecution then expanded the investigation and indicted Hong, the grandson of Namyang Dairy’s founder and cousin of Hwang Ha Na, who caused controversy over habitual methamphetamine administration, and Jo, Hyosung Group’s third generation. Hong is also accused of giving marijuana to others and smoking together with them.

marijuana korean chaebol
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The prosecution handed over a total of 9 people, including Ahn, to custody trial.

Source: Nate

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