“Should we have a baby?”… “Big Mouth” married couple Lee Jong-seok and Im Yoon-ah’s sweet moment when sharing one bed

The story of Lee Jong-seok and Im Yoon-ah in their third year of marriage was depicted in “Big Mouth”.

In the first episode of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth” (written by Kim Ha-ram/ directed by Oh Chung-hwan and Bae Hyun-jin), which aired on July 29th, Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong seok) and Ko Mi-ho (Im Yoon-ah) were seen enjoying their harmonious married life despite their difficult economic conditions.

Park Chang-ho couldn’t pay back the money using his private loan so the house of the couple was foreclosed. The atmosphere was then relieved when Park Chang-ho came home with the money he received from Choi Do-ha (Kim Joo-heon). Park Chang-ho bluffed that the bundle of 50,000 won cash in the shopping bag was “just a deposit” for a very big case he took charge of.

Later, Park Chang-ho, who was lying on the bed, asked Ko Mi-ho, who was sitting at the dressing table, “Should we have a baby?. Ko Mi-ho reacted coldly, “Just look at our situation right now. If we give birth to a child, can he grow up on his own?”. Park Chang-ho said, “We can make a lot of money at once, right?”.

Referring to their 3rd wedding anniversary on the next day, Park Chang-ho suggested, “Shall we go somewhere nice and have dinner?”. However, Ko Mi-ho indirectly refused, saying “I’ll cook pork belly for you at home”, adding “Look into the reality. When will you be able to pay off all the debts on your bank loans and debentures?”.

Staring at Ko Mi-ho, Park Chang-ho said, “Come here and give me a hug” then opened his arms widely. Ko Mi-ho grumbled, “You can’t even make money. Don’t you treat me like a husband anymore?”. In the end, Ko Mi-ho opened her arms and said to Park Chang-ho, “Come here”.

The two then went into the blanket and exchanged sweet conversations. Park Chang-ho said, “What lotion did you put on? The smell is crazy”. Ko Mi-ho acted as if she was pushing him away, saying “Our father hasn’t slept at this time”. However, Park Chang-ho continued the sweet atmosphere, saying “I snore as soon as I put my head down”. Ko Mi-ho responded, “My clothes are tearing, you fool”, revealing the loveliness of a married couple. 

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