Shin Hyun Bin will transform into the prettiest prosecutor in Korea but is as fierce as a “grim reaper” through “Reborn Rich”

Actress Shin Hyun Bin will appear as a persistent prosecutor in this year’s most anticipated drama “Reborn Rich”, which is scheduled to air on JTBC on November 18th.

Reborn Rich” is a fantasy revenge drama in which Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki), a secretary who was in charge of risk management for a chaebol family, lives his second life after being reborn as Jin Do Joon, the youngest son of that chaebol family. Against the backdrop of turbulent times from the 1980s to the 2000s, the drama will present a revenge story on a different level with detailed mysteries, conspiracies, unimaginable battles for succession and character plays.

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The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate

Shin Hyun Bin will appear as Seo Min Young, a prosecutor in the Anti-corruption Investigation Department of the Seoul District Prosecutors Office. With her deep sense of justice and duty, Seo Min Young also boldly digs into Sunyang Group, which has been ruined by injustice and corruption. In the meantime, Seo Min Young’s image when she was young in the recently released still cuts gives off a different atmosphere. Although her confident expression shows her mature side, her pure eyes prove that she used to be an ordinary student like others.

reborn rich

However, the character Seo Min Young changes completely after becoming a prosecutor. Her appearance, which has been deepened with the duty of a prosecutor, makes her look like “Sunyang Family’s Grim Reaper”. Attention is focused on whether her long-standing determination to pursue the conspiracies behind Sunyang Group will bear fruit and her relationship with Jin Do Joon that continues from the past to the present.

Shin Hyun-bin

Expressing her interest in the material of a revenge drama as well as the variety and scale of the story, Shin Hyun Bin also revealed the reason she chose this work. The actress said, “I believed that I could show various changes in my character throughout the long story that continues from the late 1980s to the present. Above all, I was willing to join this project since it gave me the chance to work with great seniors and fellow actors”.

She continued, “The script alone was already interesting because it dealt with various subjects, including politics, economy, and modern history, but at the same time showed various sides of its characters in such a background. I wondered what kind of story would unfold in the next developments and how the drama would be completed. I’ve enjoyed and immersed in the work that much”, raising drama fans’ high expectations for the story of “Reborn Rich”.

As her transformation as Seo Min Young from being a college student to becoming a prosecutor was pointed out as a detail that stimulated fans’ curiosity, Shin Hyun Bin explained, “While trying to portray Seo Min Young, who shows the most drastic change when the timeline switches from the past to the present compared to other characters, I tried not to miss the basic detail that she’s a righteous and straightforward person who has no prejudice against anything.”

In addition, the actress said, “Seo Min Young is the same person even in the past and or in the present, but she was bound to change externally and internally through a series of events. Therefore, I thought a lot about how to differentiate my expressions according to the times, events, and characters in the change of time. Please watch the drama to see what events have changed Seo Min Young”.

“Reborn Rich” will premiere on JTBC at 10:30 p.m on Friday, November 18th, and air three episodes a week. The drama can also be found on Netflix and Disney+.

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