VIVIZ Umji (former GFRIEND) shows shining visuals, suspected of plastic surgery

The appearance of VIVIZ Umji, a former member of GFRIEND, is getting more and more gorgeous everyday. 

Umji has been shining brighter and brighter despite insults regarding her appearance

VIVIZ Umji is considered a Kpop idol with the most glorious “glow-up”. Despite boasting talent and an impressive background when she first debuted with girl group GFRIEND, the female idol was relentlessly mocked as “the ugliest idol in history” by the media and netizens. It was only through sheer determination and passion that Umji kept on going. 

viviz umji
Umji looks like a real queen in the MV for VIVIZ’s comeback with “Rum Pum Pum”

Recently, Umji, along with her group VIVIZ, recently dropped the MV for their new song “Rum Pum Pum” on the fan platform Universe. Via the MV, members were all praised for their stunning visuals, and Umji is no exception with her coral hair and queen-like appearance.

viviz umji
The female idol has been praised for her visuals that’s constantly improving 
viviz umji
Umji’s coral hair makes her skin glow 
viviz umji
The female idol’s perfect physique that she had to work hard for

When she first debuted as a member of GFRIEND, Umji was once shamed for her visuals. Over time, the insults have ceased, but Umji had to face plastic surgery accusations, as netizens paid attention to parts of her nose and chin. On the other hand, many also believe that Umji achieved her current look via a series of diet and exercises, and no plastic surgery is involved. 

Umji was once shamed when she debuted as a member of GFRIEND.
viviz umji
She was even called “the ugliest idol in history” and other terrible nicknames
viviz umji
Now that she’s glowing with beauty, netizens turned to accuse the Umji of plastic surgery
viviz umji
The female idol lost a lot of weight and exercise hard to achieve her admirable figure
Umji drew a lot of attention with her appearance in VIVIZ’s new Mv
Her transformation is a well-discussed topic 

Umji is among Kpop idols with the most affluent background, as her father owns a well-known dentist chain in South Korea. Both her and her siblings went to prestigious schools. 

In fact, when she was a trainee, Umji usually used her card to pay for other members of GFRIEND. Even now, members have referred to the story as “Umji’s card”.

viviz umji
Umji is among Kpop idols with the most affluent background
viviz umji
Despite being from such a huge background, Umji is humble, kind-hearted, and worked hard during her trainee days
GFriend Source Music
And GFRIEND also suffered the same fate.She often use her card to pay for other members of GFRIEND
Umji is well known for her love towards her group mates. 

Source: yan.vn

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