MOMOLAND officially disbanded, which member has the most prospective future?

Fans remain hopeful for every member for future success after the group disbanded. 

On January 27, 2023, MLD Entertainment announced that MOMOLAND officially disbanded. All members including Hyebin, Jane, Nayun, JooE, Ahin and Nancy did not renew their contracts with the company. While fans are sorrowful at the news, they believed their idols will have more opportunities to develop in the future.

MOMOLAND’s disbandment made the audience sorrowful. (Image: Pinterest)

MOMOLAND was formed through Mnet’s survival show “Finding Momoland” filled with many obstacles. After the hit “BBoom BBoom,” the girl group fell under the radar and produced few breakthroughs. 

From a 9-member lineup, Yeonwoo, Taeha and Daisy also took turn and left the group. Currently, all 6 members have also decided not to renew their contracts with MLD Entertainment. 

MOMOLAND went through a troublesome period of activity. (Image: Allkpop)
Yeonwoo Taeha Daisy
Yeonwoo, Taeha, and Daisy left the group one by one. (Image: Pinterest)

When the news was announced, fans believed Nancy was the member with the brightest future. From her first days of her debut, the female idol caused a sensation with her “angelic” visual, distinct features and attractive charisma. 

Nancy was MOMOLAND’s “fan charm”. (Image: Kpopping)
The female idol boasted a beautiful visual like an angel. (Image: Allkpop)

Moreover, Nancy also expanded herself into acting. Despite having low recognition among the audience, Nancy is slowly establishing a new image of herself. Taking into account of her huge fan base, the idol-actress has the most prospect  to be famous. 

Nancy Momoland
Nancy attracted attention when she entered the acting field. (Image: Pinterest)

JooE was the member who had the same level of popularity as Nancy. As her visuals grew with the days, the idol has for herself a promising future in the entertainment industry. 

JooE attracts attention because of her somewhat less sharp appearance than other members. (Image: Pinterest)
The female idol gradually rose in the visual rankings. (Image: Allkpop)

Once taking on the female lead role in “The Police,” Nayun gained much praise from the audience for living up to the Korean beauty standard and a good acting performance. Fans are staying hopeful that Nayun will have more opportunities in the acting field.

Nayun Momoland
Nayun’s acting talent is highly appreciated. (Image: Allkpop)
Nayun Momoland
The current reputation of other members are making fans feel more worried. (Image: Pinterest)

Currently, fans are worried for Hyebin and Jane’s future. As they do not have many extra-group activities to promote themselves, finding a good management agency is essential. 

Jane Momoland
Fans show their worries about Jane’s future after MOMOLAND disbanded. (Image: Pinterest)
Hyebin Momoland
Hyebin did not leave a deep impression on the audience during her active period. (Image: Pinterest)

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