Shin Hyun-bin revealed photos of memories with Han Hyo-joo, boasting their strong friendship

Actress Shin Hyun-bin showed off her close relationship with actress Han Hyo-joo.

Shin Hyun-bin recently uploaded several photos on her Instagram, tagged the account of Han Hyo-joo, and wrote “Happy Birthday, Hyo!” in the caption.

Han Hyo-joo Shin Hyun-bin

The released pictures showed Shin Hyun-bin and Han Hyo-joo taking two-shot selfies together, creating a warm atmosphere. The two, who have been friends for a long time, showed affection for each other.

Han Hyo-joo Shin Hyun-bin

Seeing the post, Han Hyo-joo replied, “Oh, thank you. Our memories are accumulating one by one. Pretty Hyun-bin, let’s continue to be together”.

Shin Hyun-bin recently appeared in JTBC’s drama “Reflection of You”, while Han Hyo-joo greeted the audiences through the movie “The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure”.

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