An idol having a huge crush on V (BTS): thrilled to meet him in person and kept his gift as a treasure

The story about Younghoon (The Boyz) the fanboy and idol V (BTS) is not an unfamiliar one between the 2 fandoms.

Being a top K-pop idol, V (BTS) has a huge fandom, including some celebrities. One of the is Younghoon (The Boyz). Younghoon has mentioned many times that he was a fan from his early days.

Younghoon said that V is the role model that he always looks up to. The story of fanboy Younghoon has reached V. He really appreciates Younghoon and even gave him a TATA (BT21 character) stuffy doll. Younghoon was thrilled and he takes it with him everywhere.

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There were many times Younghoon admiration towards V was caught on camera, which made netizens really happy. Younghoon had a chance to meet V when they had promotions at the same period at Music Bank. BTS was having an encore after they had won.

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V was standing near Younghoon so he kindly bowed. Younghoon couldn’t hide his excitement after the interaction and this moment between them has caught netizens’ attention for its cuteness.

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Younghoon also got to meet and took a picture with V before at Melon Music Awards. After. After that, at The Boyz’s fansign event, a fan asked Younghoon about their interaction and got Younghoon’s cute story.

  • Fan: You meet V yesterday right?
  • Younghoon: Awww…
  • Fan: How did it feel?
  • Younghoon: I felt like dying…
  • Fan: Really?

Getting to see your idol in person and take a picture with him made Younghoon feel like he was “dying”. This seems to be a common reaction with fanboys and fangirls. It is truly hard to describe the feeling when you meet your idol.

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Younghoon is now working hard with The Boyz after the success they got from Kingdom and V is still a top idol along with BTS. 2 of them are both amazing visuals of the K-pop industry at the moment. Everyone is still waiting for a reunion of the fanboy and his idol so they can show us their amazing interaction once again.

Source: K14

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