Shin Hye-sun’s Reaction To Smoking Ji Chang-wook Receives Compliments From Netizens

Netizens praised Shin Hye-sun’s kindness as she endured the smoke to complete “Welcome to Samdal-ri” script rehearsal

Following Ji Chang-wook’s apology for indoor smoking, videos showing the shooting set of JTBC’s drama “Welcome to Samdal-ri” spread rapidly online. After re-examining making videos, netizens pointed out that various actors were rehearsing for the shoots in a very small space and poured favorable reviews for Shin Hye-sun.

Shin Hye-sun’s Reaction To Smoking Ji Chang-wook

According to the video, Shin Hye-sun was aware that Ji Chang-wook, who was sitting right next to her, was smoking indoors, but she still tried her best to maintain a pleasant atmosphere and practice the script without losing her smile.

Drama fans commented, “If there are that many people in such a small space, the air smells so bad even if you stay still”, “It must have been very tiring sitting next to him (Ji Chang-wook), but she was practicing the script so hard. She’s so admirable”, “The drama rating performance was not so good. I’m surprised to see how the actors understand each other so much”, etc.

Shin Hye-sun’s Reaction To Smoking Ji Chang-wook

Meanwhile, Ji Chang-wook’s agency Spring Company released a statement regarding the actor’s indoor smoking, saying “We apologize to everyone who might have been uncomfortable with Ji Chang-wook’s behavior in the drama making content released on January 26th”, adding that the actor had acknowledged the actor’s inappropriate behavior.

They repeated the apology, saying “We deeply apologize to people who watched the content, the staff, the actors, and viewers who loved the drama. We will pay more attention to prevent recurrence”.

Source: Daum

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