Seohyun perfectly covers NewJeans in school uniform

Singer-actress Seohyun showed off her singing skills.

On July 14th, a video titled “Seohyun’s Conquest of Coin Karaoke EP.1″ was uploaded on Seohyun’s official YouTube channel.

Seohyun entered a coin karaoke room in a school uniform.

Seohyun expressed her excitement, “I don’t have time today. Let’s start the first song. It’s been a long time since I came to coin karaoke.”

The first song was ‘Ditto’ by NewJeans, which perfectly suited the school uniform concept. “I want to dance to this, what should I do?” Seohyun jokingly asked, unable to contain her excitement. She eventually got up from her seat and started dancing while showing off her vocals.

For the second song, Seohyun selected Girls’ Generation-TTS’s ‘Twinkle.’ True to the original, Seohyun delivered splendid ad-libs that captured everyone’s attention.

Next, Seohyun sang ‘Tell Me’ by Wonder Girls and ‘Sherlock’ by SHINee, giving off nostalgic vibes of K-pop’s 2nd generation.

Lastly, Seohyun sang ‘My Strongest Suit’ from the musical AIDA. She flawlessly delivered the lines while being immersed in the character.

Source: Nate

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