Seeing Lay’s part in EXO’s new MV, fans were upset: “Is this a member or just a guest?”

EXO’s “Tempo” was officially released with the appearance of a full 9 members, but Lay only showed up in a few seconds.

EXO has officially come back with the release of their album “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” and the title track “Tempo”. This is a well-invested MV for both listening and viewing quality with the appearance of full 9 members, including Lay after 2 years of absence from the EXO lineup. However, fans were disappointed when Lay appeared in the MV in only a few seconds:

“I really look forward to Lay’s part, but he only appeared in few seconds?”

“Why did Lay have so few lines in the MV?”

“Lay is the cameo of the” Tempo” MV.”

“It looks as if Lay’s part was only added after the group had finished filming the MV.”

Many netizens also said that initially, SM just planned to launch “Tempo” with the 8 member team. That may be the reason why Lay only appeared in a few brief scenes in the MV. Even when the EXO team was in the same screen, there was absolutely no appearance of Lay. However, fans are still looking forward to the Chinese version of “Tempo”, in which Lay can show himself more. The Chinese version will be released at 0 pm (local time) on November 3rd.

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