Sandara Park, “The biggest binge in my whole life is a bowl of ramen. I eat only one banana a day”

Sandara Park talked about the biggest binge she had in her life.

Oh Yoon-ah, Sandara Park, Yang Jae-woong, and Justin Harvey guested on the 785th episode of MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star”, which aired on September 14th.

Sandara Park recently appeared on “Unnies without Appetite” with Park So-hyun and made headlines by revealing herself as a small eater. However, she said, “I’m the biggest eater among the small eaters”, adding “I often order a lot of food and have a great passion for food”.

When asked how much she usually eats, Sandara Park replied, “I don’t eat when I’m alone at home. I divide a banana into small pieces to eat in every meal.”

When asked if she was born a small eater or if was it since she became an idol, Sandara Park shared, “My family members are all small eaters. When my mom asked, ‘Do you want to eat dinner?’, I answered ‘No, I already ate lunch so I won’t eat anymore’. Whenever Cheon-dung (her younger brother) texts in our family chatroom, saying ‘Who wants to eat chicken?’, we only order chicken when all four members of our family agree. I can’t eat much when I’m alone.”

Yang Jae-woong then asked, “Does anyone in your family live long?”, Sandara Park affirmed, “I think we will all go to the longevity village”.

Sandara Park surprised everyone as she said, “In fact, even when drinking alcohol, if I take hangover helper, I always feel full to the point that I can’t drink any more alcohol. We need to drink water with pills and liquid medicine, right? I’m full after drinking that much water so I can’t drink more alcohol.

When asked what was the biggest binge eating in her life, Sandara Park replied, “I ate a whole bowl of ramen since I was so happy to be independent. A whole bowl.” She added, “When I was young, I cut a bag of ramen little by little for a week and cooked it. When I was in elementary school.”

Besides, Sandara Park revealed, “As soon as I debuted, I did a beer commercial with Lee Min-ho. I was so excited and I worked hard, but I drank it tastelessly. I had to drink and say “ka”. I shot “ka” many times, but it didn’t appear in the commercial. And I couldn’t renew my contract.”

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