Sana’s Beauty Emerges from a Masterpiece: ‘The Dress I Picked’

Twice’s Sana Stuns Fans with Her Mesmerizing Beauty in Her Chosen Dress

On the 1st, Sana uploaded several photos with the caption “The dress I picked.” In the shared photos, she wore an ivory silk dress that appeared to emit a soft pink color under the light, striking a captivating pose and drawing attention.


Upon seeing this, followers responded with comments such as “Sana is one of a kind,” “Sana is everything,” “What happened to this unnie’s beauty?”

Meanwhile, the group Twice, which Sana is a member of, released “Ready to be” on March 10th, and is currently promoting the title track “Set Me Free.” The album ranked 2nd on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart on March 25th. In addition, the combined sales of the album and streaming reached 153,000 copies, setting a new record for the highest sales by a K-pop girl group.

Source: Daum

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