Sakura (IZ*ONE) will return to Korea and join Big Hit?

Sakura’s latest magazine cover mentions her graduation from HKT48, leading fans to believe that the female idol has confirmed her contract with Big Hit.

After more than 2.5 years, IZ*ONE disbanded as expected.  The future of the members became a topic of fan interest.  3 Japanese members Sakura, Nako, and Hitomi went to the airport to return to Japan on April 29.

As a prominent factor of IZ*ONE, the future of Miyawaki Sakura is making many people more curious than ever.  Korean media reported that the female idol will sign a contract with HYBE Labels (Big Hit). She also possibly becomes a member of Big Hit’s future girl group.

Currently, this information has not been confirmed, only the news that the two sides are actively negotiating. However, no specific decision has been made.

There is much information that has implicitly confirmed that Miyawaki Sakura will graduate from HKT48, paving the way for a return to Korea.  Vivi magazine has just teased the image of Sakura on the cover of the latest issue. However, what caught the attention of netizens was the small Japanese words on the cover.

According to fans, a brief description of the star on the magazine’s cover page reads:. “Miyawaki Sakura, who returned to HKT48 after completing her IZ*ONE promotions, and who recently announced her graduation.” Many comments that the magazine accidentally revealed the female idol’s future plans.

Miyawaki Sakura also reminded fans on her own radio channel that a very important announcement is coming soon.  Many fans think that in the next few days, Sakura will announce her graduation from HKT48, which means she will stop working with this group.

If the news that female idol’s graduation is true, there is a high chance that Sakura has completed the negotiation process with HYBE and is preparing to return to Korea.

Netizens comment:

“It’s absolutely the right choice for her to graduate now”; “I hope the remaining Japanese members of IZ*ONE will also come back Korea”; “If she really graduated from HKT48, she would definitely join Big Hit”; “Sakura will succeed wherever she is”; “It’s better to do activities in Korea”…

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