“Running Man” Song Ji Hyo avoided all crises even when she hasn’t gotten vaccinated yet     

Actor Song Ji-hyo, a member of SBS’ “Running Man,” has successfully avoided the “infection crisis.”

Song Ji-hyo has not been vaccinated against the current pandemic’s virus once so far. On Feb 11th, a post titled “Running Man Legend Update” was posted on the community FM Korea, drawing attention. The article is related to Song Ji-hyo, who avoided the current infection crisis.

“Song Ji-hyo, a non-vaccinated person is tested negative, while the rest of the members (Yoo Jae-seok, Kim Jong-kook, Ji Seok-jin, Yang Se-chan) are all infected,” said the netizen who shared this content.

Song Ji Hyo hasn’t gotten vaccinated

On Feb 10th, it was reported that Kim Jong-kook, Ji Seok-jin, and Yang Se-chan, members of Running Man, were confirmed to be tested positive. According to each agency, Kim Jong-kook, Ji Seok-jin, and Yang Se-chan had all completed the second vaccine shot.

Earlier, Super Junior Eun-hyuk, who recently appeared as a guest with Yoo Jae-seok, a member of Running Man, was confirmed to be infected. At that time, Yoo Jae-seok had completed the second vaccination and Eun-hyuk had completed the booster shot.  

Song Ji Hyo hasn’t gotten vaccinated

Song Ji-hyo is said to be unable to get the vaccine due to health problems. In this regard, Song Ji-hyo‘s agency Creative Group I.N.G announced its official position on the 21st of last month. The agency explained that Song Ji-hyo is allergic to Western medicine and has antibiotic abnormalities. 

At the time, the agency canceled all of Song’s schedules and began her self-isolation for 10 days to take preemptive measures after confirming that her movement line overlapped with a confirmed patient (Eun-hyuk) during recording and was tested negative by PCR test. “We has decided not to attend the scheduled recording of Running Man,” her agency said.

Song Ji-hyo was diagnosed with a history of ‘Western medicine allergy’ in her childhood. In particular, in 2011, during a busy filming schedule, she was met with an emergency situation where spots appeared on her body and breath shortage after being injected by an IV as she urgently needed to recover her strength at that moment. There is still a record of her visiting the emergency room and being treated as an emergency at the time. Since then, her adverse reactions to antibiotic-related treatments have been repeated, her agency explained.

Song Ji Hyo hasn’t gotten vaccinated

In addition, it added, “According to the doctor’s long-term deliberation and opinions, we had no choice but to think carefully about the vaccination, so in addition to the reason, we reveal that she is currently unvaccinated.”

According to her agency, Song Ji-hyo has thoroughly conducted personal hygiene and quarantine rules in case of an emergency and minimized external contact by reducing her schedules.

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